2022 Papers

Physical Review Letters
Carrier-Envelope Phase-Dependent Strong-Field Excitation
D. Chetty, R.D .Glover, X.M. Tong, B.A. deHarak, H. Xu, N. Haram, K. Bartschat, A.J. Palmer, A.N. Luiten, P.S. Light, I.V. Litvinyuk, and R.T. Sang
Phys. Rev. Lett. 128 (2022) 173201

Physical Review Research
Influence of an atomic resonance on the coherent control of the photoionization process
E.V. Gryzlova, P. Carpeggiani, M.M. Popova, M.D. Kiselev, N. Douguet, M. Reduzzi, M. Negro, A. Comby,
H. Ahmadi, V. Wanie, M.C. Castrovilli, A. Fischer, P. Eng-Johnsson, M. Meyer, K. Bartschat, S.M. Burkov,
T. Csizmadia, M. Dumergue, S. Kühn, N.G. Harshitha, M. Fule, F. Aeenehvand, F. Stienkemeier,
D. Iablonskyi, K. Ueda, P. Finetti, M. Zangrando, N. Mahne, K.L. Ishikawa, O. Plekan, K.C. Prince, E. Allaria, L. Giannessi, C. Callegari, A.N. Grum-Grzhimailo, and G. Sansone
Phys. Rev. Res. 4 (2022) 033231

Physical Review A
Two-path interference in resonance-enhanced few-photon ionization of Li atoms
B.P. Acharya , S. Dubey , K.L. Romans , A.H.N.C. De Silva, K. Foster, O. Russ, K. Bartschat,
N. Douguet, and D. Fischer
Phys. Rev. A 106 (2022) 173201
Photoelectron momentum distributions in the strong-field ionization of atomic hydrogen by few-cycle elliptically polarized optical pulses
N. Douguet and K. Bartschat, Phys. Rev. A 106 (2022) 053112

Plasma Science Sources and Technology
The 2021 release of the Quantemol database (QDB) of plasma chemistries and reactions
J. Tennyson, S. Mohr, M. Hanicinec, A. Dzarasova, C. Smith, S. Waddington, B. Liu, L.L. Alves,
K. Bartschat, A. Bogaerts, S.U. Engelmann, T. Gans, A.R. Gibson, S. Hamaguchi, K.R. Hamilton,
C. Hill, D. O’Connell, S. Rauf, K. van’t Veer, and O. Zatsarinny
Plasma Science Sources and Technology 24 (2022) accepted; in press

Generalizations of the R-Matrix Method to the Treatment of the Interaction of Short-Pulse Electromagnetic Radiation with Atoms
B.I. Schneider, K.R. Hamilton, and K. Bartschat
Atoms 2022 (2022) 26

European Physical Journal D
Electron-impact excitation of the 5 2S1/2→ 5 2P1/2 and 5 2P3/2 transitions in rubidium by 40 eV electrons: theory and experiment
K.R. Hamilton, O. Zatsarinny, K. Bartschat, B. Predojevic, D. Ševic, B.P. Marinkovic, and M.J. Brunger
Eur. Phys. J. D 76 (2022) 92

Optics Express
Ellipticity dependence of anticorrelation in the nonsequential double ionization of Ar
Z. Chen, S. Li, H. Kang, T. Morishita, and K. Bartschat, Optics Express 30 (2022) 44039