2016 Papers

TOPICAL REVIEW: Uncertainty Estimates for Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Data
H.K. Chung, B.J. Braams, K. Bartschat, A.G. Csaszar, G.W.F. Drake, T. Kirchner, V. Kokoouline,
and J. Tennyson
J. Phys. D 49 (2016) 363002

Nature Photonics
Coherent control with a short-wavelength free-electron laser
K.C. Prince, …., A.N. Grum-Grzhimailo, E.V. Gryzlova, …, K. Bartschat, N. Douguet, J. Venzke, …, et al.
Nature Photonics 10 (2016) 176

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Electron collisions with atoms, ions, molecules, and surfaces: Fundamental science empowering advances in technology
K. Bartschat and M.J. Kushner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (2016) 7026

Physical Review Letters
Precise and accurate measurements of strong-eld photoionisation and a transferable laser intensity calibration standard
W.C. Wallace, O. Ghafur, C. Khurmi, J.E. Calvert, D.E. Laban, M.G. Pullen, K. Bartschat,
A.N. Grum-Grzhimailo, D. Wells, H.M. Quiney, X.M. Tong, I.V. Litvinyuk, R.T. Sang, and D. Kielpinski
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117 (2016) 053001

Physical Review A

Non-perturbative B-spline R-matrix with pseudostates calculations for electron-impact ionization-excitation of helium to the n = 3 states of He+
O. Zatsarinny and K. Bartschat, Phys. Rev. A 93 (2016), 012712
Photoelectron angular distribution in bichromatic atomic ionization induced by circularly polarized VUV femtosecond pulses
N. Douguet, A.N. Grum-Grzhimailo, E.V. Gryzlova, E.I. Staroselskaya, J. Venzke, and K. Bartschat
Phys. Rev. A 93 (2016) 033402
Electron-impact excitation and ionization of atomic boron at low and intermediate energies
K. Wang, O. Zatsarinny and K. Bartschat
Phys. Rev. A 93 (2016) 052715
Kinematically complete study of low-energy electron-impact ionization of argon: Internormalized cross sections in three-dimensional kinematics
X. Ren, S. Amami, O. Zatsarinny, T. Pflüger, M. Weyland, A. Dorn, D. Madison, and K. Bartschat
Phys. Rev. A 93 (2016), 062704
Low-energy photodetachment of Ga? and elastic electron scattering from neutral Ga
K. Wang, O. Zatsarinny, and K. Bartschat
Phys. Rev. A 94 (2016) 023402
Continuous spectra of atomic hydrogen in a strong magnetic field
L.B. Zhao, O. Zatsarinny, and K. Bartschat
Phys. Rev. A 94 (2016) 033422

Journal of Physics B
The virtual atomic and molecular data centre (VAMDC) consortium http://www. vamdc. eu.
M.L. Dubernet, …., K. Bartschat, …, et al.
J. Phys. B 49 (2016) 074003
Calculations for electron-impact excitation and ionization of beryllium
O. Zatsarinny, K. Bartschat, D.V. Fursa, and I. Bray
J. Phys. B 49 (2016) 235701

Other Journals
Time propagation of partial differential equations using the short iterative Lanczos method and finite-element discrete variable representation
B.I. Schneider, X. Guan, and K. Bartschat
Adv. Quant. Chem. 93 (2016) 95
The interaction of excited atoms and few-cycle laser pulses
J.E. Calvert, Han Xu, A.J. Palmer, R.D. Glover, D.E. Laban, X.M. Tong, A.S. Kheifets, K. Bartschat,
I.V. Litvinyuk, D. Kielpinski, and R.T. Sang
Scientific Reports 6 (2016) 34101
Low-energy outer-shell photodetachment of the negative ion of boron
K. Wang, O. Zatsarinny, and K. Bartschat
Eur. J. Phys. D 70 (2016) 1